It was Good Friday.

My heart sank at the sound of the rain pouring outside the church. It had been storming all day long. My leg bounced nervously up and down as our Pastor finished his sermon. My oldest two children and I had been planning for weeks to be baptized together after the service, but if it was lightning I knew it would have to be postponed. As we made our way through the double doors of the sanctuary- we were stunned! Miraculously the rain had stopped! The sun, just beginning to set, poured through the disappearing clouds, illuminating the puddles below. Everything in the church courtyard was golden and misty like the air was full of glitter. I smiled up into the sky with gratitude.

Some moments in life are BIG. Really big. And after spending so many years lost in alcoholism and grief, drifting far from my faith, I had finally come back home. As Jack, Ava and I waded into the pool, the deepest peace took a hold of my heart as I took a hold of each of their hands. I was home. The moment was perfect…until… the woman introducing us said my name all wrong: “ Everyone welcome, Jack, Ava and Christina!” I cringed. I always do when people mistakenly call me that instead of Christine. But this moment was too big and beautiful to let it bother me, so I let it go, and in the golden aftermath of the storm, the 3 of us went under and came back up -reborn.

A few days later, I happened to be reading about the importance of names in the Bible, a recurring theme. Abram became Abraham. Sarai became Sarah. Saul became Paul. Simon became Peter. Names have meaning, and in biblical times they were thought to convey one’s destiny.

Out of curiosity I decided to look up the meaning of my name Christine Renee: and was literally blown away!!

Christine = Follower of Christ
Renee= Reborn

So my name literally means Born Again Christian!

Goose bumps ran up and down my arms as I suddenly recalled standing in the Baptismal pool. I saw how that innocent mistake in getting my name wrong was no accident. At the very moment of being baptized, God brought my attention to my name.  It was as if he was saying:

THIS IS WHO YOU ARE: Christine Renee, Follower of Christ, Reborn!

Tears slid down my cheeks, as I thanked him again. He is so faithful, his lessons and his timing, so perfect.

What does your name mean? Look it up and share it with me. What message do you think it holds for you?