I was the summer of 2013- I was newly married, and, like most brides, had just spent the last year of my life totally consumed with wedding planning.  Central to this was the search for a photographer for our engagement and wedding photos. For months on end, I poured over Pinterest and wedding magazines and would literally swoon over the beautiful, light-filled pictures of happy couples.  I was so drawn to these images. There was just something about turning moments, emotions and light into art that stirred my soul.

I have always admired photography, but until my wedding had never thought much about actually trying it myself.  But with my wedding over and no planning to do, I found myself in need of a new hobby. One morning during my meditation practice, I suddenly had a very clear inspiration that literally jumped up from my soul: I WANT TO BE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER!!  Great!  There was just one little problem. I had never shot before – like ever.  In fact,  I  had never so much as picked up a “real camera”.  I had a little “Coolpix” point and shoot that I used to grab shots on vacations or of my kids.  Furthermore, I was a laywer, with tons of student loans to repay, not to mention 2 kids to raise.  None of it made any sense, but on that morning-  something inside me just came alive and my dream was born!

I mentioned my idea to my mom, almost in passing, and as luck would have it she bought me a Canon Rebel T3i for Christmas that year. It was a real camera with a detachable lens! I was so excited, but also so terrified I left it in the box for 2 months.  I felt overwhelmed by the idea of actually having to learn how to use the thing.  I am not a technically savvy or “math” person – so the thought of all those numbers and dials made me dizzy.  But in February when I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child,  I knew I would want to take beautiful pictures of the new baby. So I opened that box, purchased an e-book that taught you how to shoot in manual mode through little daily exercises.

This is the first picture I ever took for that course:

My daughter Ava – 8 years old

After that I was hooked!  I became obsessed with photography and continued to learn and practice over the course of my pregnancy. The dream of starting my own photography business was in full swing.  We decided that I would stay home with the new baby for at least the first two years, giving me the opportunity to take a leave of absence from the Bar and go all in on my business.

I was determined to not only have a successful business, but to also take the kind of breathtaking, light-filled images that drew me into photography in the first place.  So I created a vision board.  I have used vision boards for years to manifest my goals – and this was a big one for me.  I knew to achieve my dream- I had to get really clear about my goals, and keep them front and center in my mind everyday.  Walking away from my legal career created a lot of self-doubt and even a few nay-sayers in my life.  A lot of my family thought I was nuts! And maybe I was! Not only was I starting this business with ZERO experience – I was moving to a new city where I knew almost no one! I had to stay focused and positive.

I grabbed a poster board, and  in the middle I put a big copy of my business logo, CHRISTINE DIORIO PHOTOGRAPHY.  Around the logo I filled the board with the kinds of images I longed to take by my favorite photographers like Elizabeth Messina and Jose Villa.  I cut out pictures of lenses I hoped to one day purchase. I pasted quotes about believing in myself.  I hung my vision board on the wall above my desk so that I could see it everyday and Christine Diorio Photography, LLC was born.





4 years later,  I am taking pictures like these:

Today, I have a thriving business with amazing clients who love my work and choose to work with me  again and again. I credit my success with a willingness to follow my heart, having a vision and following through.  I believe using a vision board was absolutely central to achieving my goals as a photographer.  A vision board is a way of getting really clear about what we want and then declaring to the Universe, God, Source (whatever word you use) that we are serious.  In my life experience, I have found that when we start getting serious about what we want, things start lining up!

I am so passionate about this process – that I have decided to teach a Vision Board Workshop.  I have used vision boards for years to achieve all kinds of goals: from finding my soulmate, to losing 65 lbs and keeping it off for 10 years, even a dream trip to Paris to celebrate my 40th birthday this year! All of this I manifested with the help of vision boards.  I want to share what I know about manifestation and even more importantly – to create a sacred space for other women to give themselves this gift!  We all say we would love to create a vision board, but then as busy wives and moms we never set aside the time.   Living intentionally starts by getting really clear about what we want!  Life is so noisy these days how often do you just take the time to sit, without distractions, and ask yourself: WHAT DO I REALLY WANT?  Trust me, your soul always knows.  There is always the still, small voice – ever so gently- guiding us into the right direction. We just need to take the time to listen.  I hope you will give your self this gift!

If you would like to join me at the first ever CREATE YOUR LIFE: VISION BOARD WORKSHOP please click on the link below!  It would be my honor to share in this journey with you!