My Story

In 2001 my world was shattered when my Mom came home to find my brother dead from a drug overdose.  Devastated with grief, and angry with God, I set out on a path of self-destruction lost to alcoholism, obesity and divorce.  I finally hit rock bottom the morning of December 15, 2009 when I woke up on the floor of the county jail after being arrested for drunk driving.

At the time, I was a felony prosecutor for the State Attorney’s Office and was forced to resign, with no idea if I would ever practice law again. My arrest made the local news, and so my alcoholism, which I had desperately tried to hide, was fully exposed for all the world to see. I was totally humiliated.  The white hot shame of my arrest followed me everywhere I went.

Mercifully, a few days following my arrest, I got a call from the Public Defender’s Office offering me a job. As a single mother with two small children, I had no choice but to pull myself up by my bootstraps, hold my head up high and walk back in the courtroom. I would spend the next 5 years advocating for other addicts as a defense attorney as I worked on my own addiction through therapy and spirituality.

During that time, I met and married the love of my life and had another baby. In 2014 I made the decision to walk away from my career as a lawyer to stay home with my children and start my photography business.  Art has always been my first love.   Through my photography, I continued to heal from my past, and found my may back to my love of writing and my faith in God. Over the last decade I have rebuilt my life brick by brick, slowly learning to love every broken piece of myself, reassembling it with compassion, honesty and finally – acceptance.

My experience has taught me that our wounds are sacred- for it is within the broken places that we come to know God.  The happy, healthy wife and mom you see today would not exist without that broken mess on the floor of that jail.

I created Christine Diorio Inspired as a place to share my experience, strength and hope through my writing and my photography.  Forged through the fires of addiction and grief, my story is not pretty.  Yet through the power of God’s love I rose from the ashes of my past to reclaim my beauty and my worth.  So I want you to know, if you feel broken – your brokenness is welcome here. If you feel lost – your wandering heart can find rest here. It is my prayer this is a place to find encouragement and community along your own journey- whatever it may look like- so you know that you are not alone and there is a way out.