Wait, what? Just hear me out.

How many times do we see the mantra YOU ARE ENOUGH all over our social media pages and in self-help books.  I’ve shared it a time or two in the past myself.  Just look up this #hashtag there are almost one million entries! If you really and truly believe that you are enough down into your bones, then sister, I salute you! I will also say:  This post isn’t for you, so scroll on wit’ yo’ bad self!!

For the rest of us; no matter how many times we say it to ourselves, it keeps falling flat.  We keep feeling like somehow we just don’t measure up.  The reason?  We’re right.  We don’t.  Without God, we are not enough. Never will be.  The good news is that’s precisely the way he designed it.  Think about it, if we were all so amazing, brilliant, and talented on our own, why would we ever need him? Would our hearts ever long for him?  Our eyes ever search for him?

He says: My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.  (2 Corinthians 12:9) I love how in The Message paraphrase the word “sufficient” is translated as “enough”.  What a relief it was to discover, I don’t have to be enough, but God is enough for me! In fact, it is precisely in my weak places that he comes rushing in and gives me all the brilliance, talent, and motivation I need.

So stop putting so much pressure on yourself friend!  You were never meant to do it all on your own.  Your broken parts and scars aren’t some mark of shame – they are the entry point for his love and strength to shine through you.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from the movie Dumbo. As Dumbo is struggling with the confidence to fly, the little mouse encourages him, “The very things that held you down are going to carry you up.”  Embrace your brokenness, your not enoughness, and remember God will meet you there.