For too long I let the darkest moments of my life define me.





No matter how far I tried out run them, the wounds of my past would haunt me.  I’d start moving forward, making progress on my business or my relationships or self-improvement – until the echoes from the floor of the jail would grow louder and louder.

Who are you to do this? Who do you think you are?

And suddenly I’d be doubting every move I made until I was so paralyzed with insecurity and fear- I’d just give up and quit.

Then, time would pass, and I’d grow restless again.  I still had this calling God placed on my heart to share my story and my light.  It would start pulling at my heart again, and I’d start over – only to slam right back into the brick wall of my past.  One more time, defeated.

It was a vicious cycle.

Then one day, just when God knew I’d had enough, I was cleaning the house, listening to a self-help book that heavily quoted scripture.  It had been years since I’d even opened my Bible at all.  But there was just something about those verses- each time she spoke them – that cracked me open just enough for God to slip in and the tears to slip out.

Soon I was sobbing. Each verse, a waterfall of tears slowly restoring my soul, reminding me of who I truly was.

I’d forgotten.

Here in this ancient book, I’d so hardened my heart to, were the very answers to the questions that had plagued my broken heart for decades.

Who are you to do this? Who do you think you are?

I am Christine. A child of God.





I wasn’t the girl destroyed and humiliated by addiction anymore.  I wasn’t the girl who walked away from God after the death of her brother. I wasn’t the shame I still carried from my past.

I was set-free.

What about you friend? What are you still carrying tonight that you need to let go of? What old words do you need to replace with new words of truth? Leave your favorite verse in the comments. Or Just some praise or prayer hands if this speaks to you and I will pray this verse over you tonight.